Stretch Marks

Stretch marks or striae are white or red colored lines which are produced due to over stretching of dermis (layer of the skin). Commonly seen in teenage & pregnancy mostly on tummy, shoulders, buttocks, thighs etc.

Stretch Marks Treatment

(Venus Viva Machine)

Various types of creams including antioxidants, anti aging factors & Vit E etc help upto limited extent.

(a) SPRF : Super pulse tightening by radio-frequency (Venus Diamond Polar) gives good improvement in 3-5 sessions. It is painless procedure repeated once/week.

(b) Mesotherapy with Needling : Fine injection of Meso-solutions along with micro needling gives good rejuvenation for white stretch marks.

(c) Lasers : Fractional laser with radiofrequency combination/Medlite laser are the best tools available for striae. For all practical purpose we cannot remove stretch marks by 100% but there can be 50-60% improvement if properly treated, so as to make them less visible.

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