Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a new therapy that uses a patient’s own blood after processing in a machine injected back into the scalp skin or facial skin using very fine needles or a machine known as derma punch. The whole procedure is simple, Nonsurgical & it is performed as an office procedure consuming approximately 60-80 minutes.

How do PRP works?

In humans, the typical baseline platelet count in the blood is approximately 2 lacs / µ lit. While in PRP after processing the blood the concentration of platelets go as high as 8-10 lac / µ lit. Which are more than 5 folds? The processed blood contains various proteins & growth factors that help in the regeneration (new formation) of various hair follicles & facial skin cells.

How is PRP performed?

A small quantity of 13-15 ml of blood is drawn from the patient’s arm, requiring only a single prick in the blood vessel (same as in any blood test).

Who should not have PRP?

Persons having the following history/habits should not be considered for the treatment. Heavy smoking, alcoholic persons on painkillers on regular basis.The person suffering from any fever/infection, or liver disease.

Pain Factor?

Numbing creams are applied to the scalp/face to make the procedure painless. Patients are advised to do cooling during & after the procedure to reduce pain. Overall the pain is very mild & tolerated by 70%-90% of patients

How frequently should we perform PRP?

A routine interval between two sessions is 4-6 weeks.

How many sessions are needed for PRP?

It is a multiple sitting procedure, on average PRP for hair growth requires 3-5 sessions for moderate hair loss, while 2-3 sessions for anti-aging facial PRP.

What are the effects of PRP on a face?

As PRP contains a huge quantity of Platelets i.e. a cell that is normally present in human blood coming in contact with facial tissue releases various growth factors which promote skin healing & makes the skin tighter, brighter & glowing. At the same time, it gives a good amount of facelift & anti-aging effects.

What are the effects of PRP on hair?

PRP gives a significant reduction in hair loss within the first 2 weeks. After two sessions patients can feel a good amount of hair growth & improvement in the texture of hair-shaft

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