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Genesis is one of the best Cosmetology and laser treatment centre in central India which offers excellent results for Anti- aging and Hair growth treatments with 100% client Satisfaction.
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Skin Treatment

Acne (Pimples)

Acne is a normal skin condition that affects many people. Pimples are an inflammation of the...

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Laser Hair Reduction

We offer non-invasive, clean and relatively painless treatment for hair removal and permanent...

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Under Eye Dark Circles & Puffiness

Some of the main causes behind the formation of dark circles are heredity, aging, dry skin, prolonged crying...

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Pigmentation Of Face

Blemishes are commonly seen in females as brown patches on the cheeks, nose, forehead and ......

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Stretch Marks

Stretch marks or striae are white or red coloured lines which are produced due to over stretching of dermis...

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White Spots

Vitiligo is a very common disease, which is more of a social problem....

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Moles, Warts and age spots

Almost everybody has moles varying from 1 to 50. Moles might be there since birth or may develop later on with aging due...

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Freckles are light brown spots present on the face, mostly seen in fair coloured people. They aggravate on...

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Scars (Pits) Treatment

Scars are basically marks due to some injury or some skin problem like pimples/chicken pox etc. They are of...

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Anti-aging Treatment

Wrinkles & loose skin is a natural process which every individual has to face. At Genesis, we offer the following approach-
(1). Super-Pulse Face Lifting Treatments - This is non surgical, current based, safe treatment which produces heating under the skin leading to collagen remodelling which in turn results into good tightening & lifting effect. Average 4-5 sittings are recommended.
(2). Botox-Neuronox Injection - Botulinum toxin-A is one of the best method to treat dynamic wrinkles on the face & neck. The effect lasts for 4-6 months. As against common myth this treatment is very safe & US FDA approved.
(3). Filler Injection: - Filling Material is injected into deeper layers of skin to get lifting effect, especially for static folds like naso-labial folds, sunken cheeks & forehead lines etc. Usually the material used is Hyaluronic acid which is a normal constituent of skin tissue. Since last 10 years there are no reports of any side effects of this material. The longevity of this treatment is usually 8-12 months...

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Hair Growth Treatment

Hair loss(Alopecia) is the commonest problem which every third person suffers from. Broadly there are four types of alopecia -
(1). Androgenetic Alopecia
(2). Alopecia Areata
(3). Telogen effluvium
(4). Alopecia due to diseases ( scarring alopecia)
Almost 50% of men by 50 years complaint of hair loss and almost 40% of women suffer from hair loss by 40 years of age. Androgenetic alopecia is reduction of hair roots because of aging process. This is most likely due to normal hormonal effect on the hair roots seen in both males & females after 30+ years of age. In Alopecia areata there are small coin like patches seen on the scalp, mostly seen in young age...

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Our Work

Are you suffering from a skin or hair problem and are you confused whether you should see a specialist or simply rely on OTC medicines and home remedies? Read what experts have to say about different dermatological conditions, effective treatment options and the right time to meet a dermatologist.

Laser Hair Reduction in Indore
Acne (Pimples)
Pigmentation Of Face Treatment in  Indore
Androgenetic Alopecia
White Spots Treatment in Indore
Scars (Pits) Treatment in Indore
Skin Treatment
Pigmentation Of Face
Body Shaping
Anti-aging Treatment in Indore
Alopecia Areata

About Us

Genesis is a centre for Advanced Cosmetology and Laser therapies. It is a super-speciality dermato-cosmetology centre having Skin specialist, Hair transplant Surgeon, Dentist, Aesthetician, Physiotherapist and Dietician under the same roof. MP-CG's first "Aesthetic Laser Centre" equipped with 6 types of cosmetological lasers.

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Intense pulse light is one of the most useful, safe and effective treatment for all types of acne (pimples) and acne prone skin. This is a non-surgical light which produces shrinkage of oily glands (Sebaceous glands). This in turn reduces pimples within 2-3 sessions. Apart from pimples it also reduces spots and scars, therefore, it gives good fairness and rejuvenation effect.

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Meet The Team

Genesis is a centre for Advanced Cosmetology and Laser therapies. It is a super-speciality dermato-cosmetology centre having Skin specialist, Hair transplant Surgeon, Dentist, Aesthetician, Physiotherapist and Dietician under the same roof. MP-CG's first "Aesthetic Laser Centre" equipped with 6 types of cosmetological lasers.

Acne (Pimples) Treatment in Indore
Dr. Anil Soni M.D.(Skin & V.D.) Director
Dermato–Cosmetologist & Laser Surgeon

Dr. Anil Soni
The centre is headed by renowned Dermato – Cosmetologist & laser surgeon, Dr. Anil Soni. Dr. Anil Soni has cleared his postgraduate degree , M.D. (Skin & V.D.) from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. He worked as Senior Registrar in P.G.I. Hospital, Chandigarh which is one of the premium institutes of India. He launched the concept of "Aesthetic Clinic" for the first time in the state of M.P. & C.G. in the year 1999. He has presented many research papers and live demonstration in various States & National Conferences. In the year 1995 he won the Gold Medal for his scientific paper "Finger Tip Unit" presented in the IADVL Conference at Chennai.

Acne (Pimples) Treatment in Indore
Mrs. Manisha Soni (Director)

Mrs. Manisha Soni
Manisha Soni is a Qualified Aesthetician having experience of 18 years in the field of Aesthetic- cosmetology treatment & Laser therapies. She carries her expertise in gentle patient handling & new body contouring & Face Lifting treatments. The credit for using body shaping treatment Ultrasonic lipolysis for the first time in M.P. & C.G. goes to Mrs.Manisha Soni. This treatment is the best non-surgical therapy for contouring of various body areas like Arms, Tummy & waist line etc.

Acne (Pimples) Treatment in Indore
Dr. Ankit Khasgiwala (MDS , FFPS)
Maxillofacial and Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ankit Khasgiwala
Dr. Ankit Khasgiwala is an extensively trained Maxillofacial-Facial Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Dental Surgeon with a special interest in bringing science to the sculpture of beauty. Dr. Ankit to this credit has qualified the All India postgraduate entrance examination with ALL INDIA RANK 74 and then pursued MDS (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery) from the prestigious GDC and my Hospital, Indore. He has got advanced experience in challenging cases of Facial trauma and their reconstructive rehabilitation at Hair transplantation Amandeep hospital, Amritsar while working as a Fellow consultant ( Facial Plastic Surgery and Cleft LIP-Palate Surgery ) with renowned Plastic Surgeon of India,     Read More
Dr. Ravi K Mahajan. He has been part of numerous workshop and conferences to help himself update with the latest in the world and also has delivered many appreciated talks on the relevant subject in the same. To share his experience with the fraternity he has authored several scientific publications in the nation and international indexed journals. His broad knowledge and expertise in this field coupled with creativity and imagination is the core strength for him in achieving the best results which have contributed to the lives and looks of numerous beauty enthusiasts. To describe him it would not be a hyperbole to say he has 'mature surgical hand with young shoulders'. Read Less

Acne (Pimples) Treatment in Indore
Dr. Minakshi Singh (B.H.M.S.)

Dr. Minakshi Singh (B.H.M.S.)
Dr. Minakshi Singh Completed B.H.M.S degree from Rajiv Gandhi Homeopathic Medical College and Research centre, Indore. She has been working at Genesis Cosmetology and Research Centre since 5 years. She has gained expertise in patient handling and cosmetological counselling. She has cutting edge experience in handling various surgical and non-surgical lasers and equipments.

Acne (Pimples) Treatment in Indore
Dr. Nidhi Gupta (M.D.)
Junior Consultant, Dermato-Cosmetologist

Dr. Nidhi Gupta (M.D.)
Dr. Nidhi Gupta is a qualified Dermato-Cosmetologist. She has cleared her post-graduate degree, M.D (Skin, V.D & Leprosy) from prestigious Medical College, Kolkata. She has experience in treating wide variety of clinical cases. She has her expertise in handling all types of lasers and advanced Dermato-Surgical equipments. She has presented research papers in various state, Zonal and national conferences. She has won the prize for her presentation in zonal conference.

Under Eye Circles in Indore
Laghima Dubey
(Technical Incharge)
Pigmentation Of Face Treatment in Indore
Deepa Verma
(Clinical Assistant)
Pigmentation Of Face Treatment in Indore
Nisha Maheshwari
(Clinical Assistant)
Moles and age spots Treatment In Indore
Nidhi Gupta
(Clinical Assistant)
Stretches Marks Treatment in Indore
Shiv Prasad Goliya
(Clinical Assistant)
Moles and age spots Treatment In Indore
Rachna Agarwal
(Clinical Assistant)
Moles and age spots Treatment In Indore
Nikita Waghe
(Front Office Manager)
Moles and age spots Treatment In Indore
Pooja Sainee
(Front Office Manager)



What’s new in the field

Dr. Anil Soni was invited as FACULTY in the inter-National conference on anti-aging & Cosmetology “AESTHETIC XPRESS” Held recently in New Delhi on 20-22 April 2018. Dr. Soni has delivered a talk on fractional micro needle treatment for facial scars & open pore.

He conducted a live demo session for Venus viva RF treatment for facial rejuvenation. It was well appreciated by Doctors coming from all over the country.

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Dr. Anil Soni has visited Singapore General hospital for international training session cum workshop on Aesthetic medicine. There were only two dermatologist from M. P./C.G. for this course. Dr. Soni learned new methods & techniques of anti-aging treatment.

Recently “Barbed Thread” are made available for non surgical face lift for ageing face. Dr. Anil Soni has recently given a live demo in state level Conference of MP-IADVL in Ujjain. According to him thread lift is latest trend in this . It really works.

Dr. Anil Soni was invited as guest speaker in JAIPUR DERMATOLOGY ASSOCIATION to share his experience on "New nano fractional technology & laser in facial scars". He presented his work experience in various difficult to treat facial problems like

Open pores, Acne scars, Traumatic scars & Facial rejuvenation etc.
His talk & results were well appreciated by various dermatologists present during the session.

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Go Fair Fast.

There is something new and effective for "𝐆𝐥𝐨𝐰".

Fair skin is everyone's desire these days. But we need to be careful of the over the counter creams available. Most of these creams contain steroid which leads to skin atrophy. There are many safe products available which are being prescribed by qualified dermatologists these days. "Glutathione" is one such drug available in the market. Glutathione is an antioxidant which prevents the body from toxic effects. It also inhibits melanin synthesis at various steps, giving the combined effect of smooth, shiny and fair skin. It improves complexion by 5-15% depending on the dose taken. It is available as creams, injections oral tablets and sprays. Glutathione is better absorbed in injectable form & sprays. Injectables have added advantage of faster result and it is to be taken once in 10-15 days, thus being easier for the patient to take. Once the desired effect is achieved, maintenance can be done by creams and sprays. It can be given in combination with vitamin C, which gives added advantage of tightening skin along with additive antioxidant effect. It is safe and as such no side effects are seen.
"These days Glutathione is used by most of the celebrities in Bollywood to enhance their beauty."

How to get beautiful neck by Nefertiti lift.

Well defined jawline with a long neck is a sign of beauty. There are Non-Surgical methods available to get well defined & sharp Jawline and tighter neck in order to achieve a more youthful appearance.

In this procedure very small quantity of Botox is injected at multiple sites by using very fine injections. This chemical produces relaxation of neck muscles which leads to lifting & tightening of neck skin..

This “NEFERTITI LIFT” is just a 15 minutes procedure & effect lasts for 3-4 months. This is one magic procedure in which changes can be seen instantly within minutes.

Genesis Center for Advance cosmetology is one of the pioneer center’s using this neck lift technique since long. According to Dr. Anil Soni, this is safe & free of any side effects.


PRP Therapy for Hair Growth & Face lift (Glow)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a new therapy using patient's own blood which after processing in a machine injected back into the scalp skin or facial skin by using very fine needles or a machine known as derma punch. The whole procedure is simple, Nonsurgical & it is performed as an office procedure consuming approximately 60-80 minutes.
How do PRP works?
In humans, the typical baseline platelet count in the blood is approximately 2 lacs / µ lit. while in PRP after processing the blood the concentration of platelets goes as high as 8-10 lac / µ lit. which is more than 5 folds. The processed blood contains various proteins & growth factors which help in regeneration (new formation) of various hair follicles & facial skin cells.
How is PRP performed?
Small quantity 13-15 ml of blood is drawn from patients arm which requires only single prick in the blood vessel (same as in any blood test).
Who should not have PRP?
Persons having following history/habits should not be considered for the treatment. Heavy smoking, alcoholic persons on painkillers on regular basis. The person suffering from any fever/infection, liver diseases.
Pain Factor?
Numbing creams are applied to the scalp/face to make the procedure painless. Patients are advised to do cooling during & after the procedure to reduce pain. Overall the pain is very mild & tolerated by 70%-90% of patients
How frequently should we perform PRP?
A routine interval between two sessions is 4-6 weeks.
How many sessions are needed for PRP?
It is multiple sitting procedure, on an average PRP for hair growth requires 3-5 sessions for moderate hair loss, while the 2-3 session for anti-aging facial PRP.
What are the effects of PRP on a face?
As PRP contains the huge quantity of Platelets i.e. a cell which is normally present in human blood which on coming in contact with facial tissue releases various growth factors which promote skin healing & makes the skin tighter, brighter & glowing. At the same time, it gives the good amount of facelift & anti-aging effects.
What are the effects of PRP on hair?
PRP gives the significant reduction in hair-loss within first 2 weeks. After two sessions patients can feel the good amount of hair growth & improvement is the texture of hair-shaft

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