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Anti Ageing Treatment in Indore

anti aging treatment indore

Anti-aging Treatment Indore

Do you wish you could wave a magic wand to stay young forever? Anti-aging therapies could be a godsend for you!

Aging, which frequently leaves noticeable markings on our face in the shape of lines, wrinkles, spots, sagging skin, and bags under the eyes, is without a doubt a natural process that cannot be avoided. By choosing anti-aging procedures at Dr. Anil Soni’s Genesis Cosmetology and Hair Transplant Center, you can now successfully tackle these horrible ageing symptoms. You can obtain the most innovative treatments at the clinic for any of your ageing issues!

Now get the best anti-aging treatment in Indore at Genesis Cosmetology and Hair Transplant Centre

Types of Anti-aging treatments

  • Skin Tightening
  • Super pulse radio frequency treatment (non-surgical face lift & body tightening)
  • Botox-Neuronox injection
  • Filler Injection
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Skin Treatments Indore

1.Skin Tightening Treatment in Indore:

Skin tightening procedures are skilled enough to provide your face a picture-perfect appearance. Alternatives to skin tightening procedures come in a fairly wide variety. In general, non-surgical methods of skin tightening are more common because they are less risky and need less recovery time. The non-surgical face lifting options generally help the skin look smooth, silky, and firm and are natural and non-invasive. As toned muscles prevent the skin from becoming excessively sagging or unsteady, facial exercise is another way to strengthen and tone facial muscles and skin.

2.Super Pulse Radio Frequency Treatment in Indore(non-surgical face lift & body tightening)

This is non-surgical, current based, safe treatment which produces heating under the skin leading to collagen remodelling which in turn results into good tightening & lifting effect. Average 4-5 Sessions are recommended. At Genesis we use Venus diamond polarwhich is a US-FDA approved machine for face & body contouring. It is effective for facial wrinkles, double chin, under eye bags, male chest, tummy toning & to improve loose skin around arms & tummy (post pregnancy).

3.Botox Treatment Indore:

Botox treatment is one of the most commonly used anti-aging treatment worldwide. This is wonderful in treating wrinkles present over forehead & around eyes (crow’s feet). Also used for eye brow lifting, narrowing broad face & necklines. The effect lasts for 4-6 months. As against common myth this treatment is very safe & US FDA approved for facial use. Pain factor: – It is almost Negligible since good amount of numbing cream is applied to make the treatment easy & comfortable.

4.Filler Injection:

Filling material is injected into deeper layers of skin to get lifting effect, especially for static folds like naso-labial folds, sunken cheeks & forehead lines etc. Usually the material used is Hyaluronic acid which is a normal constituent of skin tissue. Since last 15 years there are no reports of any side effects of this material. The longevity of this treatment is usually 12-18 months.

anti aging treatment indore


anti aging treatment indore
anti aging treatment indore