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Stretch Marks Treatment Indore


Stretch Marks Reduction Treatment in Indore

Stretch marks are certain scar kinds that appear when the skin stretches or contracts rapidly. They can be identified by the long, fine lines or stripes on their skin. They can appear on the lower back, upper arms, chest, thighs, and hips. Stretch marks can be brought on by pregnancy, weight reduction, muscle gain, and weight gain.

Stretch mark therapy using high-intensity pulse lights is one option for getting rid of stretch marks when pregnant. This procedure can also be used to remove acne or hyperpigmentation. Dead skin cell layers are removed to reveal revitalised skin. The patient feels very little discomfort and there is very little pain involved.

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Our laser treatment is the best laser treatment for acne and also to deal with scarring.

Various types of creams including antioxidants, anti-aging factors &VitE etc help upto limited extent.

Types of advance treatment for stretch marks.

(a) SPRF: Super pulse tightening by radio-frequency (Venus Diamond Polar) gives good improvement in 3-5 sessions. It is painless procedure repeated once/week.

(b) Mesotherapy with Needling: Fine injection of Meso-solutions along with micro needling gives good rejuvenation for white stretch marks.

(c) Lasers: Fractional laser with radiofrequency combination/Medlite laser are the best tools available for striae. For all practical purpose we cannot remove stretch marks by 100% but there can be 50-60% improvement if properly treated, so as to make them less visible.

(D) MNRF: (microneeding with radio frequency) :- controlled micro trauma created by by micro needle along with radiofrequency which promote collagen production and enhanced healing leads to tightening of stretch mark.