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Scars Treatment in Indore

Scars Treatment Indore(Pits)

Scars from acne are a relatively prevalent issue for people of all ages, but particularly teenagers. The collagen (protein) fibres in the skin are altered as the body works to repair the damage. When acne cures, scars are created.

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Scars are basically marks due to some injury or some skin problem like pimples/chicken pox etc. They are of various types:

• Acne Scars (Ice-Pick).
• Pigmented Scars
• Atrophic Scars
• Hypertrophic/Keloid Scars

We have developed a specialized treatment programme called as “CYCLICAL TREATMENT REGIMEN” (CTR) for such patients. In this CTR system every treatment is given one by one in a cyclical manner till it completes 2-3 cycles

a. Chemical peels:

Salicylic Acid, Retinoids, Glycolic & Yellow Peels.

b. Undermining:

Breaking the deeper bands of the scars by means of a needle.

c. Dermaroller:

A device which contains plenty of fine needles. After making the skin numb, we roll it on the skin surface. It leads to mild redness & swelling for few hours. It heals without any dressing.

d. Q-SWT Laser:

3-4 sessions of “medlite-c6 laser” gives good scar lifting effect due to collagen remodelling, simultaneously good complexion enhancement (Fairness) is also achieved.

e. Fractional Lasers:

These newer laser systems either Fractional Co2 or Fractional 1590 laser are used specially for deeper ice-pick & tough scars, Average 3-4 sessions are advised.

f. Surgical Lasers:

Co2 Laser ablation is used for cases with grade 3-4 scars which are really deep & tough. This leaves certain amount of spots (PIH) which disappears with in few weeks.

g. Filler Injections:

Recently certain non-cross linked Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers are being used with good rejuvenation, hydration & filling effects.

The Injection used are Esthelics, Mesolis, IAL system, juvederm ultra etc.