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Pimple Acne Treatment in Indore

Acne Treatment in Indore

Acne is the most common skin condition during 12 to 28 years of age. It occurs due to age related hormone changes. Many people get it even up to 32-35 years of age. Apart from basic medical treatment which includes various creams, face washes & oral medications, we at “Genesis” offer following advanced therapies.

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Acne (Pimples) Treatment in Indore

1. Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Peels:

Glycolic acid, Lactic peels, Salicylic &Mandelic acid are commonly used chemical. This is a walk-in treatment which takes 20-30 minutes. It is advised to avoid excess sunlight next day.

2. Cryotherapy:

This is also known as cold therapy. Liquid Nitrogen gas is used to treat big & pus filled pimples. The skin is frozen till 10 to 20 0C for few seconds. Patient will have slight pricking sensation which is tolerable.

3. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL):

Laser for Acne: IPL gives the most promising results in non-responding bigger sized pimples on face & back. This is a non-surgical light wave that targets oil-producing glands in the skin. It is seen that after 3-4 sittings of IPL these glands shrink by 50-60% and so activity of pimples also decreases. At the same time it reduces spots & pits leaving overall fresh looking & glowing face.

4. I.Clear/Blue light therapy:

Blue Light (400 nm) is quite beneficial for pimples. It requires 4-6 sittings at an interval of 3-5 days. This is non-painful, no down time, walk-in treatment at very reasonable cost.

5. Safety & Pain factor:

This treatment is absolutely safe & almost pain free solution for pimple free and glowing skin.


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• Wrinkle Smoothening
• Scar Reduction
• Pore Size Reduction
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• Body Scars
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