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Moles, Warts and Age Spots Treatment in Indore

Moles, Warts and Age Spots Treatment Indore

Almost everybody has moles varying from 1 to 50. Moles might be there since birth or may develop later on with aging due to excessive exposure to UV Light. In Indian Skin mostly moles are not harmful. The only indication to get them removed is cosmetic.

Moles, Warts and age spots Treatment.

A mole is a variety of skin lesion that appears as an itchy, bumbling object that is flesh-colored or pigmented, raised or flat. It is also known as a “nevus,” which generally refers to a variety of benign, or noncancerous, pigmented skin lesions. Warts, on the other hand, are tiny, itchy growths that often appear on the hands and feet but can appear elsewhere on the body. Typically, warts resemble cauliflower-shaped, firm, irregular blisters.

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Human papillomavirus (HPV) family viruses are responsible for the little infections known as warts. The majority of people experience warts at some point in their lives. Close physical contact is how the viruses that cause warts are spread from person to person. Some warts are sexually contagious.

A wart is a small, hard lump on the skin that can either have a rough, cauliflower-like surface or be flat and smooth. Warts can be white, pink, or brown in appearance and occasionally have minuscule flecks that resemble black hairs or specks.

Although they can develop anywhere on the body, warts most frequently affect the face, hands, feet, fingers, and arms. Plantar warts, which are warts on the soles of the feet, can be uncomfortable when walking even though they are not painful.

Co2 Laser & Radiofrequency cautery:-Co2 laser or Radiofrequency cautery is used to remove these lesions. These are simple and safe OPD procedures which can be performed in the clinic without any side effects. Now-a-days certain numbness creams are available to make these procedures almost “PAINLESS”.