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Go Fair Fast

skin whithning treatment indore

Go Fair Fast

There is something new and effective for “. Fair skin is everyone’s desire these days. But we need to be careful of the over-the-counter creams available. Most of these creams contain steroids which leads to skin atrophy.

There are many safe products available that are being prescribed by qualified dermatologists these days. “Glutathione” is one such drug available in the market. Glutathione is an antioxidant that prevents the body from toxic effects. It also inhibits melanin synthesis at various steps, giving the combined effect of smooth, shiny, and fair skin. It improves complexion by 5-15% depending on the dose taken. It is available as creams, injections oral tablets, and sprays. Glutathione is better absorbed in injectable form & sprays. Injectable has added advantage of faster results and it is to be taken once in 10-15 days, thus being easier for the patient to take. Once the desired effect is achieved, maintenance can be done with creams and sprays. It can be given in combination with vitamin C, which gives added advantage of tightening skin along with an additive antioxidant effect. It is safe and as such, no side effects are seen. “These days Glutathione is used by most of the celebrities in Bollywood to enhance their beauty.” consult the best dermatologist in Indore for fairness treatment.

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