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How to Remove Age Spots: Treatments for Age Spots

age spot treatment in indore

Age Spots Removal Treatment

Age spots, sun spots, liver spots, or whatever name you want, are imperfections on the skin caused by excessive sun exposure. Age spots are most frequent in those over 40, especially those who have spent a lot of time in the sun.

Years of sun exposure may have resulted in these unattractive sun spots, which are a far cry from the smooth, tanned skin you previously possessed as a twenty-something!

Age spots, however, do not have to be permanent! Today, there are various effective spot treatments available on the market that will erase sun spots on the hands, face, and other regions of the body. If you are looking for age spot treatment, make an appointment with the best dermatologist for age sports treatment in Indore.

Keep Away from the Sun!

The greatest way to avoid developing age spots is to avoid being in the sun. Sun exposure increases the production of melanin (skin pigment). Melanin can accumulate in small clusters over time, causing these dark brown blotches. Effective eradication of age spots is dependent on the ability to break down these clusters of melanin and limit its formation in particular regions, whether by reducing sun exposure or utilizing melanin-inhibiting therapies.

Of course, staying out of the sun all of the time is impossible, so it is critical to wear a high-factor sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun whether you have age spots or not, and it is especially important if you are attempting to treat your hyperpigmentation problems because you do not want to undo all of your hard work.

Laser Treatment for Removal of Spots

Laser treatment is popular because it is quite successful in removing sun spots and, in many situations, improvements may be noticed in just 2-3 treatments. During the laser treatment, the laser beam is focused on the hyperpigmented regions, causing the melanin buildup to break down and finally erase the spots. Although adverse effects are uncommon, if you are considering laser therapy for age spot removal, consult with a skilled dermatologist in Indore. 

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